Square Enix: profits are down despite the release of Final Fantasy 16

Square Enix announced financial results for the first half of fiscal 2024, ending March 31, where it recorded year-over-year growth in revenue, but too a big drop in profits.

In particular, according to the information provided by the company, the income increased by 5% compared to the previous year, for a total of 1.14 billion dollars. The result was, according to Square Enix, thanks to the new games announced in the time of use and exclusive Final Fantasy 16.

However, it was published profits of only $115.2 million, 33% less than last year. This has been appropriated by the company through increased amortization of game development and business costs.

It doesn’t help that there is a decline in sales in the MMO, probably physically, as Final Fantasy 14 is currently in a period of exhaustion waiting for the massive Dawntrail expansion that will arrive next year and released on Xbox versions. which will bring many new players to the game servers.

The data also shows that the Final Fantasy series has reached 185 million copies worldwide. In July we were around 180 million, so the total has increased by 5 million in recent months.

No numbers are given in this, but we think that much of the credit for this increase will go to Final Fantasy 16, but the sales of the recently released Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster and others games in the series must be considered.

Dragon Quest, another masterpiece of Square Enix, has reached 88 million copies worldwide. If no code is given, Final Fantasy 16 will have no sales, hence the silence of Square Enix’s update code.


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