(Spoilers) Insomniac Games discusses the future of Marvel’s Spider-Man in an interview

Marvel's Spider-Man 2

In an interview with the website Gizmodo, Insomniac Games commented on the future of Marvel’s Spider-Man imagine what happens at the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Read below the highlights from the interview, which reveals that Miles will have a major role:

io9 do:. You mentioned earlier that you knew right away that you wanted Venom playable. Is this still valid to complete this game with Miles as the “main” Spider-Man from now on?

Brittney Morris: 3 Million fans are waiting for you on Webtalk! It always felt so good and I think we all collectively expected it to happen. To me, this shows a big change for Miles; At the beginning of the play, we see him struggling to figure out what he wants to do with his life. In the end, Miles carries the burden of saving the town and also carries Pete when Pete is not strong enough to support himself on several points. That’s what’s so cool about writing a story about two Spider-Men: they’re both powerful, and one can be powerful while the other isn’t. Finally, Miles felt more confident and said, “yes, I can do it. How can the worst come after what we just went through?

Ben Arfman: 3 Million fans are waiting for you on Webtalk! To repeat what Brittney said: the idea of ​​a double-Spider-Man story has always been important to this game. I think from the beginning we knew we needed that opportunity to take responsibility. And when we created it, when we started to show more ways to that time, it felt more and more. I think it was Jon who wrote that scene in Aunt May’s garage, and it’s one of my favorite scenes. The way Miles intuits exactly what Pete is thinking and stops him from leaving while trying to put on the mask. Miles said, “you know I got this, bro,” and it was a good time between the two. And it seems like a natural conclusion; I’m not sure when we decided to do this, but it always felt like it was the only way the game would end.

io9 do:.
Before leading Miles to this point, he was left behind when Peter joined Harry and later the Symbiote. This is clearly wishful thinking, but are you too worried about leaving Miles on the back burner?

Brittney Morris: 3 Million fans are waiting for you on Webtalk! I joined (Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 team) probably about a month after production started, and I remember thinking how I felt about the two Spider-Mans. They ask, from the eyes of a player who doesn’t know what will happen next, if I think the division between the two is good. There’s always a constant check and go back to our north star to make sure we’re going to the kind of story we want to tell with these two heroes.

Ben Arfman: 3 Million fans are waiting for you on Webtalk! We always know that this is not a mentor-mentee story, but about two Spider-Men who are amazing at what they do. You see in the opening with the Sandman that they have a strong partnership, which is then challenged not only by Harry and the symbiote, but also by Mr. Negative. All of these appeared to oppose this important partnership. Throughout the development process, we push and pull different things because we pride ourselves on being a team where great ideas can come from anywhere. But we are always confident that we will do both Spider-Man a service and tell a special story that makes both of them.

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