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ESG View: social network seeks to promote consumer awareness
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ESG View: social network seeks to promote consumer awareness


Have you ever thought about being part of a discussion where you can share problems and share ideas that can become solutions for companies? HireAPartner (HAP), a supply chain and ESG data management company, has just launched the ESG View
applications for consumers and products to create content that includes ESG principles: environment, social and governance.

The user can express themselves through texts, pictures and videos, in addition to liking, commenting and sharing the posts of those they follow. But what distinguishes ESG View from other social networks are the ads:, Tests, Challenge friends and View.
the user has the opportunity to create the product by adding new features to make it stable. For example, he can add a photo of an eyeshadow set from a makeup brand that evaluates its products on animals and recreate it in a “pollution-free” way. To make sure that the answer is sent, it can add the product.

: with social analysis it is possible to ask other users for their opinion on the value of the product and ask how much they would be willing to pay if it had certain characteristics. The result is sent to the market.

Challenge friends:
creating competition for society. Create a hashtag with a message or video to engage with an environmental or social issue. If the user wants to attack specific people, they can register in the post.

: in this category, the user can listen to recent events, good or bad, and classify them as one of the following ESG topics: climate change, recycling, water or chain. To complete the information, the user determines their stress level, adding the date, time and location of the event.

According to the company, the flow of interactions helps to take all kinds of useful decisions: companies can use solutions with confidence and mention them on their profile; investors have access to better metrics to determine performance; and suppliers can choose their business with more accuracy and precision.

“We know more as a community than ever before,” said Andre Raghu, founder and CEO of HAP, in a press release. “At the same time, the world is changing to a more transparent one. Companies and business people are telling us, ‘Hey, we can make good decisions if you just put the fabric letter to us.’ This is a way for companies to have continuous communication with their customers on important issues.”

Download the ESG Watch social network

ESG Watch is available in the app store and the App Store. Download the app from the link above.

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