Social media made memes about PF activities that focused on Bolsonaro

The Federal Police (PF) launched the operation Tempus Veritatis on the morning of Thursday (8/2) to investigate the criminal organization that was involved in the attempted crime. Among the targets of the operation are former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), former Minister of Civil House Walter Braga Netto, General Augusto Heleno, former Ministers Paulo Sérgio Nogueira and Anderson Torres, among others the soldier and friends of Bolsonaro. .

The mega operation against crime is one of the most talked about people on X, formerly Twitter. Internet users take advantage of social media to celebrate the investigation against Bolsonaro and remember the slogans like “Big day” and “Knock knock”. With photos and montages of the imprisoned president, X users have created many memes on the subject.

Many people were satisfied by the fact that the PF work started earlier on Thursday. This is because, for those who want the president to be arrested, the choice of PF and STF to start working on the day before the holiday is very good. Between the memes, the internet users said that after the news they should start celebrating first and call the operation “Bloco da PF”.

Another word that has become popular is “knock knock”, a word remembered by the federal vice president Joice Hasselmann. At this time, Joice asked the interviewees to think about the situation: “In the morning, ‘knock knock’, we knock on the door, then whoever is inside asks ‘who is it?’ and the answer: ‘It’s the Government Police'”.

At the time, the president mentioned the arrest of the former Minister of Education of the Bolsonaro government, Milton Ribeiro, by the Federal Police, in June 2022, on suspicion of taking money work and hospitality from preachers in the temple.

On the 29th, the former president used his “catchphrase” again to criticize president Carlos Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ), the “02” son of former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who is also the purpose of the PF operation, focusing on the beneficiaries. of illegal documents collected by the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin).

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