“Social media is a lake”

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Spokesman Oliveira Andrade spoke out after he was fired from Documentary, expressing his thoughts on social media. The news of his dismissal came as a surprise to the fans, as he was dismissed from the post after only two games in the Campeonato Paulista. The document was originally published by Gabriel Vaquer and Anahi Martinho, from column F5 of Folha de São Paulo.

According to journalists, the decision to kill Oliveira Andrade was motivated by public dissatisfaction with the 73-year-old model. It is worth mentioning that Lucas Pereira, who was fired by Record last year, has been hired and will resume his work in the classic Palmeiras x Santos on Sunday (28).

Oliveira Andrade, the football narrator (Photo: Print / Band)

On his social network, Gabriel Vaquer criticized the broadcaster’s decision and said that the hiring of Oliveira Andrade was a gamble by the Chief Information Officer. He expressed his concern about the bad name of the TV history, Record himself and even Lucas Pereira, who had nothing to do with the situation. Vaquer also said that this action could harm the Information Service of the Campeonato Paulista.

Oliveira Andrade himself answered to Gabriel Vaquer in Twitter, shared his thoughts on the message he received. He said that, although there are exceptions, he considers social media to be negative. Oliveira Andrade also quoted a quote from Nelson Rodrigues about the world being dominated by idiots, not because of their ability, but because of their abundance. Then he deleted the message.

Idiots will take over the world; not by ability, but by quantity. They have many. – Nelson Rodrigues

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