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Published 04/11/2023 09:00

In the search for better and more practical lighting, many customers are faced with many questions: should they choose a smart light or a smart face? While both functions are similar, the way these devices are integrated into our home and the experience they provide can be very different.

Smart light or smart nozzle? Understand the difference

One smart light is a light with built-in technology that connects directly to the light socket. This means that the lighting is replaced with a smart version. With it, you can control the light intensity, color temperature and, in some cases, even the color of the light, all from a smartphone app or by voice command – from devices such as Echo Dot with Alexa.

On the other hand, a smart socket is a smart socket that plugs into a lighting socket. It allows you to keep the current lighting, but add control capabilities to it. Customers only need to install the smart head into the socket and then connect the light to the nozzle. This way, you can control the existing light through an app or voice assistant, without changing it.

The choice of smart light and smart head often depends on your specific needs and existing systems. But, if the ambient light is already satisfied and need to make it smart, the smart head is a good choice. On the other hand, if you need a solution and are willing to replace your current bulbs, the smart light will be a good choice.

Now that we understand the difference between smart bulbs and smart nozzles, let’s look at some of the sales in the market:

Intelbras Smart Mouth – on offer: R$ 99.90 (23% OFF)
The “Smart Nozzle Intelbras” allows you to control and activate the lighting of the lighting through the IZY Smart application. This way, it can work on time and off time, in addition to registering up to 10 users to share management. It is a versatile and economical option.
Smart Light Lite Positivo – on offer: R$ 42.90 (12% OFF)
The “Smart Lamp Lite Positivo” offers control of light intensity and temperature through the Positivo Casa Inteligente application. It fits the standard E27 socket and is compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, making home automation accessible to everyone.
Intelbras Smart Light – on offer: R$ 60
The “Intelbras Smart Lamp” has many features, including intensity control, color temperature and up to 16 million different colors. That smart light it also connects easily to the standard E27 socket and is compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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