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Now, the internet is one of the most important tools for our daily life because of the many uses of these services that have been with us in our lives for some time.

Therefore, the fact that this service has speed helps us a lot of work that needs to be done in the digital world because it will make us do it more easily and more efficiently.

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However, there are some reasons why the Internet connection is slower than usual, causing some problems and dissatisfaction for users. Most of the local reasons are not working due to bad weather, bad service, damage to public wires, or someone hacking your internet without your knowledge.

One of the best ways to avoid these bad practices is to change the network password constantly, but there is also another way that few people know about and that, when asked correctly, will prevent someone from using your Internet: hide the network. .

The hidden networks are, basically; Wi-Fi networks that do not show their name in the list of available networks when trying to establish a connection from a compatible device, this ensures freedom more and more secure than the visual connection. Below we will detail how you can hide your network and only show it to the people you want.

Steps to follow

  • First you need to access your trusted browser and enter the IP of your router to open the control panel. Note that to know the IP, you need to review the manufacturer’s manual.
  • When the panel opens, you must log in with the username and password, if you do not know; You can contact your doctor.
  • Finally, go to Wi-Fi Settings and select the “Hide network name” option, activate it and go to save the changes.

And that will be all, they are very simple steps that will help you add a little more privacy and security to your internet service, but we must remember that even this; It is not 100% hidden because thanks to some professional tools that are dedicated to scanning networks, they will be able to catch you even if it is hidden, this is because that the signal coming from your connection will not be detected.

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