show tricks to watch movies for two hours without internet connection

This feature allows you to browse up to 200 movies without using mobile data or connecting to the network. See.

TikTok allows you to browse its platform without having to connect to WiFi

TikTokthe social media platform of Chinese origin designed to share and enjoy short videos in a vertical format, has gained popularity in recent years thanks to its significant growth, charges more and more. 1 billion users Worldwide.

Due to the dependence that some users will develop with this online application, they will have difficulties when they do not have phone data or access. Wifi, which prevents them from using the application at any time. However, TikTok It is best to enjoy the time when the signal is low, such as traveling by plane or in the subway.

For this reason, know the tricks that allow you to walk through 200 videos without using mobile data or not connected WiFi It can be useful for entertaining regular users in situations where help is needed.

The trick is a secret job called “Offline videos”, which allows you to enjoy content for a long time without being connected to the internet. This option is easy to find in the application menu.

How to unlock the role to watch TikTok offline

  • Go to your profile screen on TikTok.
  • Click on the three lines in the upper right corner.
  • Select “Settings and privacy.”
  • Look for the section “Cache and mobile data” and there you will find the “Offline videos” option.

When you complete these steps, you just have to choose how many videos you want to watch offline and the application will download them.

It is important to remember that this process must be done when you are connected to the network WiFi to stop using mobile data. Also, you must have enough space on your device to download the video.

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