Seniors at Paterna are aware of the problems of the internet with the education of cybersecurity

Paterna City Council, through the Department of Cybersecurity, gave a speech on cybersecurity at La Canyada and Campamento Senior Centers where they shared some tips for using the Internet safely when warned them of some tricks used by cybercriminals in digital. age.

In this way, the adults of Paterna improve their knowledge of the problems of the Internet and learn how to act effectively in security situations while surfing the Internet.

This was revealed by the Deputy Minister of Social Security, Isabel Segura, who confirmed that “with this municipal decision we need to continue promoting the division digital divide, which has been beneficial and involved the adults of Paterna at the same time. according to “They know the limits and the opportunities and learn to be competitive that affects all of us one, such as protection in the use of the Internet today.”

Finally, Segura added that the Paternero council will continue to promote this city project to different places for the elderly in the city who request it.

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