Segob presents guidelines for the registration and authorization of ideas and publications 2024

Those Secretary of the interiorthrough Journal of the Federationpresented last Friday, December 29, a new agreement that establishes a general guideline for registration and authorization of Social Communication Strategies and Programs and Publication and Publication of the organizations and institutions of the Federal Public Administration for the money in 2024.

As stated in the report, the General Guidelines presented are intended to be developed base for him written down y authorization, maintenance y investigation of dependencies and organizations.

Those Social Communication Law establish standards that public organizations must make sure that spending on communications meets the criteria of efficiencyeconomy, transparent and fair, too Respect financial ceilingslimit and use conditions created by the use of funds.

Luisa María Alcalde, Secretary of the Interior of Mexico | Photo: Curtoscuro

Documents, in the name of the secretary of the Segob Luisa María Alcalde: do you want more followers? y which continues 14 pages, bursting in detail thing and the decisions based on these instructions are understood, the the constitution that supports the processstrategies and results of advertising of speech.

This new system comes in strength from the day after the publication in DOF, this comes from Saturday December 30. If these are complete processes earlier todaythese will Solved according to current regulations at the time they were presented.

Check out the complete guide for the registration and authorization of Social Communication Strategies and Programs and Promotion and Advertising:

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