Section 19 – Accounts Payable

Meet with the 2024 election process now, in the Ministry of Interior “opacity, arbitrariness and marked inconsistency in the management and distribution of spending on official advertising” of the government’s “fourth transformation”, notice the study by the civil society Chapter 19.

Looking ahead to the next presidential election – he points out – “the focus on spending, poor exercise and the management of regular and uneven distribution of advertising, “It negatively affects media coverage and thus limits access to information.”

“In an increasingly powerful country, misinformation is growing and the authorities must adhere to the highest standards of freedom of expression, the right to those information and conduct themselves with transparency and honesty.”

He added that “considering that the 2024 elections are on the horizon, it is important that the authorities responsible for the Media Regulations Unit of Segob put an end to the blind, arbitrary and inequality in the management and distribution of advertising funds, with “the goal of better recognition and more plural access to information. “

This study, prepared in collaboration with the Center for Analysis and Research, AC (Founded)pointed out that “the government controls three ways in financial reporting: 1) low spending and budget reduction; 2) (hyper) concentration of spending in a few means, and 3) lack of clarity, objective and transparency in the allocation of resources.

In his final analysis, he said that “so far in the government of President López Obrador, 2022 is the year in which the least amount of resources are used in advertisingwhen they distributed 3,182 million pesos, but only 76.44% (2,432 million) was used. “

Of the above, he said, our media accounts for more than 28% of the total, for more than 680 million pesos. “At the same time, the government is allocating less and less money to the media. If we look at the budget in In 2019, the amount of 5,932 million pesos was distributedcompare with 2022 where they share 3,181 milliona difference of 2,751 million. “

He added that “poor performance in financial reporting, and in general in public spending, can have a negative impact, as the media’s ability to access funds that allow them to manage their work is limited. and provide valuable and varied information. “

“Political advertising is an important source of income for many media outlets. The lack of access to this resource can pose a risk to their business and their capital nature to provide complete service,” he said.

The study shows that “of the 10 media that will receive the most advertising in 2022, The Acuario Editorial Institute is located (place 9), located in Tabascowhich received a value of 56 million pesos. “

“He raising concerns about transparency and fairness in the allocation of public resources to some local media“, especially “when it is owned by Grupo Cantón, the organization of Miguel Ángel Cantón Zetina, close to the President and a relative of Oscar Cantón Zetina, vice president of Morena. “

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