Second question about internet and cell phone service in Caarapó

State Vice President Lia Nogueira (PSDB) requested the Legislative Council of Mato Grosso do Sul, told the president of the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL), Carlos Baigorri, a request with aims to obtain information about internet and mobile phone services in the country. area of ​​Cristalina, in Caarapó. From the documents, the vice president asked for clarity about the concessionaires or the employees responsible for the services in the Cristalina area and asked questions about the management will be taken to evaluate the efficiency of the services in the city.

Another area mentioned in the application is the request for information about the final assessment of the cell phone and internet services in the area. The delegation requests to send information on the last analysis carried out in the city and the results found, in order to verify the quality of these services.

“We also need to know if ANATEL follows the signal measurement, and if not, who is responsible for this work and how it can monitor the services in internet and cell phone in the area,” asked the vice president. Lia Nogueira’s goal is to improve communication services, making better access to the local community.

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