São Paulo: 9 pm after the storm, cell phones and internet are unstable

Around 15 minutes of heavy rain and wind of 100 km/h caused great damage across the state of São Paulo this Friday (3). At least six people died as a result of the storm. In addition to the lack of electricity and water, residents in many areas reported a lack of internet and cell phone signal more than 21 hours after the rain.

Villages in the south, such as Morumbi and Ipiranga, in the north, such as Santana and Casa Verde, and in the east, such as Vila Formosa, are some of the effects that have not yet been connected this Saturday (4).

In the statement, Vivo and Tim did not give an estimate, but informed that the team is working to restore the original service as soon as possible. The operator of the Internet and phone Claro was also called, but did not return with an estimate for normalization.

Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency) said it is working on a report to assess the impact of rain on internet and mobile networks in São Paulo, and companies have until 5pm this Saturday to inform the organization about network events.

Teacher Higor Marcilio, 21 years old, is one of those affected by the instability. “On my cell phone, I can’t use 4G or 5G. Also, my home internet doesn’t work either.” A customer of Claro operator and resident of Santana, he said he had no internet for 21 hours.

In a post on social media, residents of São Paulo complained that the lack of internet made it difficult to work and even watch the Copa Libertadores final, between Fluminense and Boca Juniors.

Others also reported that the irregular connection on the eve of the Enem (National High School Exam) affected the review. “Tomorrow there is Enem and I don’t have internet to show the content”, announced the user of X, formerly Twitter.

Some users of the social network pointed out that the connection problem even affected many distant cities, such as Tatuí, around 200 km from the city. Damage was also noted in the interior cities of the state and on the coast of São Paulo.

Across the city of São Paulo, more than 870 fallen trees were recorded, according to the Fire Department. Some communities are without electricity for more than 21 hours. The most affected, according to Enel, are those in the west and south of the city, which even dawn with some roadblocks.

For workers who rely on the internet and suffer from storms, it is possible to request a discount from the operator for the time without connection, but it is necessary to present the evidence that they are affected.


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