Residents of the neighborhood of São Paulo dawn without power and without stable internet this Saturday, after the storm – News

People in the north, south, east and west of the city of São Paulo stood up without power this Saturday (4). This is because the city was hit by a storm in the afternoon of this Friday (3) and the people are still feeling the effects of the heavy rain.


“Vila Maria, in the north, has been without power since yesterday. I have tried to speak to Enel, but it has not been successful,” the resident said.

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Area of

In the southern region, some people reported being without electricity for more than 16 hours. “I have no electricity for 16 hours in the south of São Paulo. You call Enel and there is no electricity service, just like Eletropaulo did. Easy to lose”, complained the internet user of relationship X, the former Twitter.

Another man spoke about the difficulty of contacting Enel. He said “There has been no electricity since the afternoon in Parque Bristol, south of São Paulo. The service is very dangerous.

The east side

In the eastern region, the complaints are similar. “We have been without power for 14 hours. Enel didn’t even give us the satisfaction of the recovery estimate,” complained one. “The Tiquatira area has also been without power since 3pm and Enel does not respond to any calls,” complained another. “Guys, I have been without power for more than 12 hours in the east of SP. Almost half of the city is without power and there is no Enel forecast to restore it. My phone hand close to the battery, “seen a few.

The West

People living in the western region face the same problems as people living in other regions. “It’s been 15 hours without power here in the West,” said one. “In Lapa, the western region, I have no power for 17 hours! I am a PCD, I live on the 19th floor, there is no way to get my medicine and there is little interest from Enel !”, said another.

No signal and internet

In addition to the lack of power, residents complain about unstable phone and internet signals from Tim, Claro and Vivo.

“The weather is changing and Tim is changing too. It doesn’t matter”, tells one customer of the company. “Everything shows that Enel and Tim are down. Almost 20 hours without power and no signal”, said another. In addition to not having power for 15 hours, Tim also left us around 10 hours without any. He still can’t hear about the news about the power coming back,” said a third.

These three complaints are in addition to others against Claro. “Yesterday it rained so hard that apparently I don’t have a cell phone here in the Saúde region. Who has the same problem with Claro? “In addition to the lack of power since 4:30 At night, I still have the Claro signal. My God, I can’t take it anymore,” said another.

Vivo users also suffer from lack of signal. “No power and Vivo signal everywhere except in my house”, declared one. “Today, Vivo also has no signal. It’s not easy,” said another man.

Positioning of companies

In a statement, Enel said that the services are working “uninterrupted” to serve the public and keep the system running smoothly.

Read the full article below:

“Enel Distribuição São Paulo reports that the heavy rain, with winds of up to 100 km/h, which hit the concession area this Friday (3) caused trees and branches to fall on in the electrical network, causing damage to all the distribution. at various points. According to the Department of Electricity, more than 870 calls for fallen trees have been recorded. The department The company has supported the team in work, in service and in management and work around the clock to have enough energy for everyone. It has also been reported that the most affected areas are patch South and West and are assessing the damage caused. Due to the difficulty of repairs and the need to rebuild parts of the network, the restoration of power will take place slowly and, in some cases, will take longer.”

Vivo announced that “the team is working to fix the service in the shortest possible time”.

Read the full article below:

“Vivo announced that customers in some areas of the city of São Paulo may experience instability in using the operator’s services due to heavy rains in the capital. The group has been work to fix the service in the shortest possible time.”

The report also contacted the press office of Claro and Tim, but did not receive a response until the publication of this article. The article will be updated as soon as the companies comment.

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