Researchers will discuss in Zaragoza the development of internet research

The panel of computer and intelligent experts together Next week in Zaragoza to speak about scientific advances and technological innovations related to the semantic web and knowledge graphs, that is, the tools of Internet based research.

It will be in the framework of the fifth Ibero-American and fourth Indo-American Congress of Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference (KGSWC’23, 5th Iberoamerican and 4th Indo-American Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Web Conference), which set up group I3A Distributed Information Systems at the University of Zaragoza at the Río Ebro Campus between November 13 and 15.

The conference is a meeting place for researchers and business professionals anywhere share and discuss problems which includes knowledge representation, natural language processing and machine learning and which have a direct impact on people’s daily lives.

Therefore, the conference aims to be a forum for the intelligent community on this topic, and, on the other hand, foment the adoption of technology in this domain, Unizar announced in a press release.

The semantic web

The work of scientists is now directed to the topic of research in order to search the engine to define what it is that real with the user, That is, if it says “Andorra” and “Aragón”, it refers to the city of Teruel, not to the President of Andorra as it appeared in the first versions of Google, explains researcher from the Distributed Information Systems (SID) group. Eduardo Mena.

Knowledge graphs, mathematical models

Knowledge graphs are one of the most used methods today represent knowledge and computers can work efficiently. This is what allows “organizations” to represent, such as the city of “Andorra de Teruel” or the community of “Aragón”, about them alone, therefore “Andorra of Teruel and Andorra of the Principality will be represented as two different entities,” added researcher Carlos Bobed.

Modern versions of Google use knowledge graphs for improve responses to user questions. Although we have not yet completed the semantic web, Google is able to understand some of the meaning of the user’s query without limiting itself to its syntax.

In addition to the current application of knowledge graphs, a future application will be combination of intellectual skills, such as Chat GPT discussion, with visual guides, to improve your discussion quality.

Machines that use metaphors

The SID research team works on several lines of research, including the permitting process answer “easy” questionsthose that include some mysterious words, using familiar images, so that, if the major cities in Aragon are explored, they all appear.

Likewise, they create a process for the discovery of new semantic relations to complement and support existing knowledge base by using natural language techniques to “machine-read metaphors, and speech data, to find translation and relationship between the terms of two languagesFor example, Aragonese and English, by translating existing into other languages, such as the translation from Aragonese to Spanish and by translating from Spanish to English, “said about Bobed.

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