Remember the nature of the reversal of reality shows withdrawal

Discussion is the key to the immediate effect of truth telling and has the power to turn participants into targets for elimination within an hour. In the current edition of Big Brother Brasil, the crisis of networks like X and Instagram already shows that some participants have to do a good job to reverse the elimination here.

In this situation, the press office came to work, using many strategies to solve the image problem. There are people who have already achieved success in this regard.

Remember the events:

  • Karol Conká, Lipe Ribeiro and Deolane Bezerra faced relegation in their careers.
  • Lipe Ribeiro, known for his participation in “De Férias com o Ex”, has been criticized and labeled because of the behavior considered toxic in the past relationship.
  • Deolane Bezerra, the widow of MC Kevin, in the middle of the controversy in “A Fazenda 14”, was involved in the controversial events.

Surprisingly, Deolane not only avoided removal from the management agreement, but also expanded his fans. Karol Conká, in turn, experienced a severe withdrawal after he joined the BBB, seeking family support and psychological therapy to overcome the difficulties caused by this situation.

The expert and journalist Gabriella Vivere explained the steps to prevent this situation: “The first thing to do is to constantly monitor social media and news. This detailed analysis allows a deep understanding of the situation, providing a good understanding for strategic planning”, says Gabriella, who is now the CEO of Vivere Press.


An important part of the work of the press office is to repeat the narrative around the client. This includes creating a positive message and emphasizing the positive aspects of the participant’s personality, seeking to foster an emotional connection with the audience. The philosophy focuses on the fact that everyone can make mistakes, but growth and change are possible.

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“When the evacuation reached a critical point, the press office took on the role of crisis management. This included the use of special strategies for dealing with the media, conducting interviews to be clear and, when necessary, to apologize to the public “, advises Gabriella Vivere.

The main goal is to minimize damage to the user’s image by using the right way to solve the problem. “By creating a good and transparent explanation, the consultancy not only improves the reputation, but also improves the public trust, in terms of continuing customers to learn and grow in the face of poverty,” Gabriella concluded.

And at BBB 24, who has been eliminated?

In the current article of the most popular show in the country, the participants who entered Camarote, that is, who are already famous and fans before joining BBB24, have already received decisions made by the media.

This is the case of the singer Rodriguinho. In the first week of recording, some comments about Yasmin Brunet’s body had a negative impact on social media, and immediately created a rejection of the musician.

It’s no different with Wanessa Camargo. Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter has been involved in a dispute that has been over the weekend with the orange popcorn David. The singer’s frustration with the young man angered the internet users in the social network, who believed that Wanessa was looking for David too much.

Finally, MC Bin Laden is another who is being removed from the networks for not agreeing with David, the public’s favorite so far. The funk singer has been accused by many who watch the reality show of making false promises to make other people join his enemies.

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