Rachel Sheherazade broke the internet by revealing a ‘newspaper’ with Rodrigo Faro

Rachel Sheherazade and Rodrigo Faro (Photo: Instagram / VIP Area Montage)

Journalist, digital influencer and former associate of A Fazenda, Rachel Scheherazade brought his fans a surprise on Tuesday night, October 31st. The woman appeared at the presenter Rodrigo Faro, from Record TV, runs its latest magazine, ‘SheraFaro’. The two are very funny on the web when they appear to joke about news about the world of entertainment.

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+ Rachel Sheherazade announced a collaboration with the sponsor of A Fazenda

At first, the former SBT spoke about the recent news that came out from the publisher and said that he won the ‘gold bucket’ award for the cleanest pool in Brazil. It is worth remembering that Faro made waves when he announced on the podcast that he does not pay others to clean his vacation, since he does his own work.

On the other hand, Rodrigo makes a pun with his professional colleagues that he will open a beauty salon with his ex-girlfriend. Kamila Simioni. Here both joke about the subject, because the former participant has become more beautiful over time. After that, the man said that the communications specialist started learning muay thai to “get his ass off.” Jenny“.

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Continuing with the ‘news’ of the day, Sheherazade explains that Faro has returned to show her daughter, as she remembers Telecurso 2000. In the pictures, she can see the presenter showing the heiress old hand a lesson. The two are still playing with the harmonious face of the director of ‘Hora do Faro’ and even Lucas Souza is said. Finally, the man talks about the possibility of Rachel as well André Gonçalves: do you want more followers?.

+ Angélica pays tribute to Rodrigo Faro and saves childhood photos

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And of course, internet users cannot let this opportunity go unnoticed. They quickly decided to comment on the situation. Instagram users make the following observations: “It would be easy to say today! It would be good for him to be in charge of the program. ” “Hahahahahaxah Sherafaro is very good. Haha. Check it out below!

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