Purely Autumnal pants exist and they are pumpkin-colored culottes from Isabelle Junot

It is not a secret that we relate every season to one color or another. Just like we associate people with colors, something similar with the seasons. Winter is cold, gray, black; Spring comes with exciting colors such as lilac or pastel colors; Summer sweeps colors like fuchsia or lime green; and Autumn charm allows you to play even warm tones.

Fall means hot springs, yellow and red leaves, and lots and lots of pumpkins. As with all seasons, there is always one model that reigns supreme. Although we have already seen how the Old Money style has become timeless and can be loved by half the world, in terms of colors, red is the new king of mambo .

Between the podium of red (red wine) and chocolate brown that conquered many celebrities, A new method arrived that, of all of them, is probably the one that makes the most sense and reason: pumpkin orange. We tell you how by Isabelle Junot.

Isabel Junot and the different orange pumpkins

Junot’s style is one that inspires all types of interests and women, especially when elegance is desired. Her best guest is everything you could want in life, but in her last Instagram postwe see that pumpkin orange is the next voice to create a pattern.

Yes, following the Halloween theme with her daughter dressed as a pumpkin, Isabelle Junot joins the special colors and autumn, but in her adult and beautiful style. A white shirt is the perfect complement to your corduroy pumpkin culotte pants. The stores already know that he is a very powerful person now and are betting on him, we leave you some examples.

MANGO Straight trousers with pleats

Straight pleated trousers

MANGO Straight trousers with pleats

Credit: Mango

Zara Full length pants

Long pants

Zara Full length pants

Credit: Zara

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