“Programa Eliana” welcomes a group of “Internet Famosinhos” this Sunday – Behind the Scenes

There is also “Minha Mulher Que Manda” with the participation of firefighter Yuri, journalist Léo Áquila and singer Cris Pereira.

Photo: Rogério Pallatta/SBT

A group of cuties will invade the stage Eliana Program this sunday, March 24. o”Internet Celebrities” will show the children who have gone viral on social media with their special videos and now, will be on national television telling their stories to the top team to evaluate them. In this week’s judges, those who will have the difficult task of choosing the best video will be: the presenter with all the axé from Bahia, Dinho Junior; presenter and mother of the year, Nadja Haddad; an influencer and YouTuber with more than 1 billion views, Aunt Tatto; member of the program Ratinho, Milene Pavorô; in addition to the owner of the closed seat of the jury, daffodil.

Among the participants is Malu Maurício, 4 years old, who likes the character Moana and lives in the city of Sumaré (SP), has won millions of people in the relationship with his sweet. Jorginho, 7 years old, is a boy who has collected 500 million views and went viral as a joke from his mother, Vanessa, who recorded the boy dancing.

Later, Eliana meets 10-year-old triplets from Rio Grande do Sul, Matheus, Murilo and Marcelo, who enchant them with their cute and charming videos, totaling more than 76 million views on their social networks. There is also JP, a 13-year-old boy who lives in the rural area of ​​Rondônia and has gone viral after posting videos showing courage and wisdom about wild animals and venomous.

Photo: Rogério Pallatta/SBT

There is also Caio, only 3 years old, from Joinville (SC), a happy and charming boy who has become popular on the Internet with videos showing his beautiful clothes, with many more than 300 million views. Helena, from Mesquita (RJ), is 2 years old and has a viral video where she puts too much cream on her hair. Levi, from Abdon Batista (SC), is 6 years old and has succeeded by trolling his mother while she sleeps and continues to make funny videos of his daily life.

“Mini Mona” Nicoly is a cute and innocent child, who lives in Rio de Janeiro and went viral at the age of 7 after taking a photo with her Dindo (the Influencer GUSTAVX), who He was disappointed because he couldn’t put it down. of makeup and continued until he was able., reaching 45 million views. Carmela, 6 years old, lives in São Paulo and went viral after her mother posted a WhatsApp message in which the child expressed how much she loved him, which had an impact on many pages on the internet.

Sunday is also the day of ‘My wife who commanded‘with famous people! O bomber Yuri and your wife, Leoni, there is an argument; journalist Leo Aquila to play with ChicoBesides them, the singer Cris Pereira: do you want more followers? and your wife, Mary Godoy, they will show if they are good at cooking and interacting. Who will get along and cook the best food of the day?

Eliana Program airs every Sunday, starting at 3:15 p.m., after the official Sunday.

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