“President, I am not afraid of you”

Javier Miley e Ignacio Torres: do you want more followers? They took their arguments hard to negotiate. After the exchange of communication, the President went to the Judiciary to give an answer to the judicial decision if the governor of Chubut follows the warning not to withdraw “not a barrel” of extra oil. “President, I am not afraid of you”, is the incredible response of the state leader. But the head of the National Executive did not remain silent.

In the middle of the flood of memes and retweets, Milei dedicated a post to him on his network where he spoke about the article on the Law of Appeal. “Hello Nachito and accomplices”, It started, with a shot from rising to the leaders who supported the president Chubut.

Milei referred to article 194, which establishes a prison sentence of three months to two years for anyone who “does not create a situation of danger, prevent, hinder or disturb the work on transportation by land, water or air or public service.” , supply water, electricity or energy. “

It is a direct response to Torres’ harsh speech in Comodoro Rivadavia, this afternoon at the joint session. There, the governor of Chubut said: “We give the government of the country until Wednesday. If they do not remove us on Wednesday, not one more barrel of oil will leave Chubut for Argentina.”

The crossing of Javier Milei and Ignacio Torres at the meeting.The crossing of Javier Milei and Ignacio Torres at the meeting.

In another post, Milei targeted the leaders of the state who support Torres: “That’s how they … blind from the box …”, killed the President.

Torres, who has already gone out to answer him on TV, also dedicated a few words to him in the social media arena.

“Unlike others, I’m not afraid of him,” the governor began. “We will not give in to their insults, threats or torture. I do not believe in violence and I will protect the people of Chubut to the end,” the provincial leader repeated. his bet.

Finally, he sent a message to Milei: “He must govern for all Argentines, that’s why they voted for him. They chose me to protect my state, and I will do it .”

The crossing of Javier Milei and Ignacio Torres at the meeting.The crossing of Javier Milei and Ignacio Torres at the meeting.

Speaking incontinent, The President returned to the fray.

Just eleven minutes after Ignacio Torres’s response of the networks, the President picked up the gauntlet and, in the same way, counterpunched. “Nachito, don’t act, we will solve it in court…”, written.

“In the event, learn to read the debt settlement agreement so you don’t get left behind so funny… Thank you! You will learn…” Milei finished.

The crossing of Javier Milei and Ignacio Torres at the meeting.The crossing of Javier Milei and Ignacio Torres at the meeting.

The struggle with Chubut is, at this time, the most important thing that the Nation has with the states, in the middle of the fight for the withdrawal of subsidies and money that follows the failure of the Omnibus Act in Congress.

On Thursday, Torres scored a victory when the Justice Department upheld an appeal against the cancellation of transportation and the order to return the goods.

Early Friday, the governor announced the threat by threatening to stop the oil spill. And in the afternoon he issued a statement in which he requested 13.5 billion pesos of financial cooperation. From Nación they answered that this is money that, in fact, Chubut owes to the Trust Fund for the Development of the State.

In a statement issued by the President’s Office, Milei said: “Follow through on your threats and monitor the consequences in Justice.” In addition, both in publications and in waves of reuits and memes, he called Torres “Chavista” and distributed criticism and blame to the leaders.

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