Portable device for early detection of cancer with AI that does not require internet

Technology reaches its full potential when it contributes to the improvement of human quality of life and overcomes the social and economic problems that prevent enjoy a fair and equal society. This mission gives meaning to the latest innovations and research that can be found in laboratories.

This maxim is, in the vertical healththe truth is the reason for the intervention projects that give time to those who It is difficult for them to access the results of research and studies.

The Colombian startup Soy Julieta reaches out to women who are suffering from breast cancer – or will suffer from it in the future – and who find themselves in a the nature of the greater weaknessby not having mammograms in their nearest place, which reduces the possibility of early detection and access to early treatment.

(Only five CCAAs offer mammograms from age 45 even though breast cancer rates are increasing among young adults)

Time is important to determine in many cases the life or death of the patient. And breast cancer is not just another disease for women. It affects one in six women in the world every year, up to two million people. In the year 2022 causing the death of 685,000 people.

“During the school’s work we saw a terrible reality. Breast cancer has a survival rate. more than 90% when detected earlybut despite this support, it is the leading cause of death from cancer in women in the world.

Breast cancer affects one in six women worldwide each year and by 2022 it is the cause of 685,000 deaths

The founders of Soy Julieta, Valentina Agudelo and Cristina García, speak to D + I. Her project has just been supported by winning the XXII Global eAwards of NTT DATA FOUNDATIONwhich is a prize of 100,000 euros.

“This increase in mortality is caused by late detection that occurs from no access to diagnosis which, although it is the best to find other ways, there are limited opportunities mainly because of their high acquisition costs, infrastructure and special workers needed, electric shock and discomfort in the patient experience,” added the founder.

Cristina García and Valentina Agudelo, founders of Soy Julieta, created with the Global eAwards prize and the president of NTT DATA FOUNDATION, Roberto Dañino.

Cristina García and Valentina Agudelo, founders of Soy Julieta, created with the Global eAwards prize and the president of NTT DATA FOUNDATION, Roberto Dañino.

Soy Julieta was born as a theoretical school project of a portable machine that can detect cancer and owes its special name to the story of Julieta Lanterian Argentinian woman, doctor by profession and with public estimation.

Influential in her time, she was the first woman to vote for the presidential election in Argentina. She dedicated her life to eliminating the gender gap in politics and health and establishing herself as a the creator of the first version of Doctors Without Bordersan initiative that seeks to bring health to remote areas.

The center owes its name to the Argentine Julieta Lanteri, the first woman to exercise the right to vote in presidential elections who dedicated her life to eliminating the gender gap.

“We have decided that our project will be named after him in honor of his influence, avant-garde, bold and rebellious work. Soy Julieta represents the same thing: women in the forefront, with the clear goal of removing the obstacles caused by technology,” shared Valentina Agudelo and Cristina García.

“We know that Getting medical supplies is a headache for doctors and that’s why we created a new business model where we reduce our customers from having to get our products. “

Manage materials and information

In this way, your device works on borrowed models, and those Payment only occurs for reading from the device. In this way, the incentive to comply with the doctors is guaranteed, because they are only paid if they use the equipment.

It also allows you to manage the tools to guarantee their quality, at the same time centralizes the reading processalways do them from your own cloud.

“This allows us to have control over our patients’ data so we can continue to learn from them and ensure your security and privacy“.

The Soy Julieta equipment is trained with the skills to perform the test, interpret the readings and communicate the results obtained and in time.

The human team at Colombian startup Soy Julieta.

The human team at Colombian startup Soy Julieta.

Thank you for its design Small and wireless makes the device easy to move and the reading is painless, quick – seven minutes – and not exposed to electricity.

And its best leap in favor of social impact: products designed to be able to read anywhere in the world, whether you have internet or not. “Our commitment is to remove all barriers to access that exist today and that is what we have achieved.”

The future is the passion of Soy Julieta, a company that wants to be more than a smart solution for early cancer detection and wants to create a real community with a solid foundation.

“We will be with people at every stage of their health with check-up and prevention centers, research centers, nursing centers for their evaluations and to follow up their treatments pain and education and support centers for. build a community and support patients from the beginning” they argued.

Global expansion

In fact, Soy Julieta aspires to pioneer new solutions for other pathologies thanks to its technology. “Furthermore, thanks to the information that we collect in rural areas, we will be able to reach the world of possibilities that today few people have since while, because of the access to the problems mentioned at the beginning, they are neglected areas until now.”

Regarding his expansion, once he has a good view ofl National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (INVIMS)public space, of science and technology, which works throughout Colombia-, attached to the Ministry of HealthSoy Julieta will expand the approval of the license throughout Latin America, including Brazil and Mexico, as well as the United States and Europe to begin international business.

Once it is approved by INVIMA, it will expand the approval of licenses throughout Latin America with America and Europe on its radar.

“When we manage to reach these markets we will start knocking on the door in the Asian market” added the co-founders.

Uncertainty is the traveling companion of every beginning. I am Julieta, you know well. When he received the news that he won the NTT DATA FOUNDATION Global eAwards His financial situation was hanging by a thread. and even a cut in salary was requested.

Look for uncertainty

“Jorge, our CDO, told us that this team I believe in the project and that they can be patient this time,” said the founder.

“When I left the stage of the Global eAwards NTT Data Foundation, I called Jorge and told him ‘you have the right to believe in the project, we just won the eAwards 2023 and received a prize of 100,000 euros, Looks like we’ll be fine.“.

The donation of the prize fell like the May rain of the new Colombian company. And, most importantly: it keeps Valentina and Cristina’s hope alive create equal access to treatment. Julieta Lanteri is sure to be happy wherever she is.

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