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Mar 26, 2024 – News

The Police, through the Cyber​​​​Cyber​​​​Crime​​​​​​​​ who is accused of being a woman on the internet to extort his victims. Arrests and searches and arrests were made in the city of Cosmópolis, in the state of São Paulo. Among the targets of the 23-year-old criminal were the residents of Paraíba.

Deputy João Ricardo, responsible for the case, explained the suspect’s operation: after establishing a long conversation with men on the internet, the person announced that he had access to information on the victim’s family and his wife. Then he asked for money that could reach R$ 20,000 to not reveal the controversial conversation.

The investigation began after the victims called the police to report the case. Based on the information provided, the Cyber ​​​​Crimes Police Team has started the process to identify and arrest the accused.

The representative emphasized the importance of reporting cases of online fraud and warned people about the precautions people should take when chatting on the internet, especially in networks and messaging.

The suspect will be sent to prison, where he will await the next legal measure.


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