Podemos complained that Sumar did not give him information about the negotiations with the PSOE about the government

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Podemos spokesman, Isa Serra, complained that Sumar did not share information with his party about the meeting he held with Sumar and asked for an answer to his bet that the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, still in the office. This was said in a press conference this Monday to point out that the party will call for a discussion on the investment of its base regarding the support for the investment of the president, Pedro Sánchez, during the special day of the debate in Congress known. . “I think what is necessary is to get an answer (to the request that Montero continue as manager) and around the answer to be able to measure (…) Sumar has not yet inform us about the negotiations with the PSOE and we hope to receive them in the coming days,” he said in depth. The registry will decide Later, he said that the decision on Sánchez’s investment will be made by the registrants in the consultation process with “the information they have on the at that time”, indicating that they now know “nothing” about what the Executive will do. Of course, it is declared that Podemos should be there because it is the confirmation of the promotion of social change. When the date is clearly stated and the opinion of the foundation of the investment is requested, the expert said that the state administration will create a position on the issue, although the leaders of the party have said that they will be responsible. He also reiterated that Podemos did not participate in the joint agreement between Sumar and PSOE, which they explained as insufficient although he admitted that there are good measures for the public “if they are successful.” In addition, Serra commented that he did not know that the party had published the statement of the lawyers and Sumar’s administration in favor of the pardon so that they would support him , although that is not “rare or unusual” given how they are. . relationship with the creation led by Yolanda Díaz in recent times. The fact of the new political document for the new Podemos path affects this topic and Serra celebrated the support of the military to support the independence of Podemos as a political organization “against Sumar” and de facto powers of the country. The document says that Podemos will not break into other parties, according to Sumar, it leads to a joint election to open the leadership without vetoes for any of its leaders and cast bus of its representatives in the legislature “must be discussed and not given away.” “. That day the leader of the party, Ione Belarra, announced that they managed to stop the work of replacing his party with the left that is “service” to the government. PROUD OF THE PARTICIPATION. Serra was proud to the level of participation of its base, with nearly 31,000 voters at the time of the operation, and claimed that few organizations, almost none, reached the level of participation of their members and supporters when it comes to voting. new political ideas. When asked if the decrease in registered participation is a concern compared to the last session, which around 50,000 people, he admitted that it was not a public gathering to elect a leader, which usually supported his base more. From the party they explained that at the time in this work the soldiers are involved in the preparation of the text, with the modification and decision of the document, and this always makes it more difficult to vote for the document that is a significant part of the party has already joined. organization. Therefore, they believe that in the discussion of investiture the number of registered people will increase.

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