Pinterest discovers Mexican energy and takes advantage of it worldwide

A little over a year after setting up its offices in Mexico, the image and video social network Pinterest has discovered the Mexican talent, and has put it in a successful international promotion of it the business process.

In an interview at the social network’s premises, located on Reforma Avenue in Mexico City, André Loureiro, director of Pinterest for Latin America, explained how the installation of offices in Mexico was open the true channel of good for the company.

“We set up an office in Mexico with the goal of expanding the business, but also with the goal of having engineering and production,” he said.

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The regional director thus explained that Pinterest’s customers and partners came to the Reforma office, and together with the representatives of the social network they developed strategies to Good business.

But also, he said, the offices in CDMX have become places where Mexican workers have given Mexico’s DNA to Pinterest for users not in this same country, or in Latin America, but in the world.

“This group is good, it has grown a lot, and this is interesting to us because it has a lot of Silicon Valley platforms to have in the region, but it is not one that they have experience local development too,” said Loureiro..

Mexico, he explained, is one of the few manufacturing centers that Pinterest has outside the US, and the size of this group will continue to grow this year with the integration of many artists. work

Pinterest has invested in development to improve the experience of its users, and according to André Loureiro, they have managed to make the platform more attractive, business-friendly.

Pinterest is used every year by more than 480 million people, which has allowed the platform to get the most out of its audience and adjust well to predict customers. By 2024, according to Pinterest Predicts, some business customers will live in eclectic kitchens, retro looks, blue paint and personal credit cards.

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