Phil Spencer warned appearing on stage at BlizzCon 2023 After Blizzard Acquired

Surprisingly, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Games, which recently acquired Activision Blizzard, appeared on stage at Blizzcon 2023. Spencer is on stage as the director of acquisitions. Xbox Games Studio + Activision Blizzard King.

Phil Spencer praised Blizzard, referring to the company’s famous sagas, such as Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, explaining that all these products have marked the game industry and the environment as a whole. Spencer thought about the company’s future, as announced at Blizzcon 2023. , is very good. Microsoft also intends to make the theme of what makes Blizzard so unique.

Phil Spencer: “Now that Blizzard is part of Xbox, vWe like to focus on what makes Blizzard special. Let’s encourage our new colleagues to continue what they do best, redefine existing formats and create new formats that have never been seen before. “

Xbox boss Phil Spencer spent time at BlizzCon — for the first time, he said. And … oh, he just announced that he won over everyone in the audience

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer appears at BlizzCon. There is no special t-shirt and there is no shelf behind it

After that, Mike Ybarra – the president – returned to the stage and confirmed that Blizzard will continue to listen to its audience and thank them for their loyalty and dedication, saying this is the heart of Blizzcon. He also thanked the Blizzard team, received the wish to live and said workers are the most intelligent people in the world and that all together they can create the best video game world of all time.

The audience was thrilled to see Phil Spencer on stage! It’s a good start!

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