PF will check the photos of Enem 2023 presented on the internet – Education – CartaCapital

The Federal Police has been called by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), responsible for the administration of Enem, to investigate the images of the examination throughout the internet date Sunday 5th.

According to Inep, the images began to spread soon after the start of the test, but the PF was called to find out where the test data came from.

Security regulations prevent candidates from having a cell phone or electronic device during the test and leaving the test is only allowed 4 hours after the start of the test.

One can leak before the start of the test has not been decided by Inep.

This Sunday’s exam has 3.9 million candidates registered in 1,750 cities, in 27 units of government. In total, there are more than 9 thousand test sites, with 10,086 employees, representing around 132 thousand rooms.

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