PF investigates the man who asked for ‘money’ on social media to kill Lula

The Federal Police (PF) announced, on Tuesday (6), Operation Eco, to investigate the crime of threats and acts of violence against the President President of the Republic, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). The investigation and arrests were made in Aracruz, Espírito Santo.

According to PF, the target is a man who uses the social network to promote fundraising, through fundraising, with the goal of hiring a mercenary to kill the president. The PF did not disclose the name of the suspect, but disclosed that the cell phone and computer were seized for analysis.

In an interview with TV Gazeta, from Espírito Santo, the head of the Financial Police Department (Delefaz), representative Lorenzo Esposito, said that when he testified the man admitted that social media is nothing more than “bravado”. Still according to the agent, nothing illegal was found on the suspect.

“He admitted the truth, saying that they were just bravado, claiming that he had not started any plan, that they were just rants on social media. But the documents will be sent for investigation forensic, the subject will be examined to see if he has committed other crimes including threats and crimes,” the representative explained.

Esposito also clarified that the man was not arrested. In a report, the Federal Police announced that the name of the work, called Echo, refers to Greek mythology, especially to a young woman who talks too much. The measures are allowed from the 1st Federal Court of Linhares, in Espírito Santo.

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