Peru’s Foreign Minister says the information about the meeting with Biden is “true and encouraging”

Lima, November 5 (EFE) for the trip that President Dina Boluarte made this week to the United States. United, after criticism from the failed bilateral meeting with Joe Biden.

“I confirm that all the documents sent to the Congress of the Republic in the request for permission for the President of the Republic to go to Washington are true and supported by the agreement with the US police,” Gervasi said in a statement. . messages posted on the social network X (formerly Twitter).

The minister responded, in this way, to the criticism and requests for information that the representatives of the various groups made after the failed meeting between Boluarte and Biden, which some thought had not been seen nice

Although that appointment appeared on Boluarte’s agenda on Friday, it did not appear to Biden and the two leaders only spoke briefly on the way to the White House meeting. discuss that there is a meeting in the area.

In this, Gervasi confirmed that “the United States Department of Defense confirmed that the bilateral meeting was agreed” and said that “its structure was later determined by the US officers.”

“I have expressed my willingness to appear in the Congress of the Republic to clarify the doubts about the representative of the country,” he added in a letter that he sent on the same Friday asking him to be allowed to appear before the Foreign Affairs Committee. This Monday. of the Legislature.

In the letter, he requested that Gervasi be received together with the Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex Contreras, and that the meeting should be held together with members of the Congressional Economy and Finance Commission.

After rumors circulated in the country for several hours, the State Department confirmed on Friday that the meeting with Biden “was confirmed on October 30 by the House Free and reaffirmed until the evening, November 2”, but then “it is. not in accordance with the law that shows the dialogue between the parties.”

After this information became known, the first vice president of the Congress, Arturo Alegría, sent a letter to Gervasi to request the information and express his “concern about the way the president to go abroad.”

In turn, Congresswoman Norma Yarrow, from the right-wing Avanza País party, presented a letter to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) to request information about the situation of The White House confirmed a “bilateral conversation” with Biden.

His representative, Patricia Chirinos, sent a letter to the Minister of Foreign Affairs asking him to “take responsibility” for the failure of the meeting and that “punitive measures are used”, when José Cueto, from the ultra-conservative Renovación Popular party, asked the Foreign Affairs Commission. to call the Chancellor “then.”

Boluarte arrived in Lima on Saturday morning after participating in Washington at the Leaders’ Meeting of the Alliance of Americas for Economic Prosperity (APEP). EF


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