Pedroche lost his neck in the chimes and Berlin “found” him

Yes The time of confusion during the New Year’s bell in Antena 3 announced by Cristina Pedroche and Alberto Chicote when it, for a few seconds that they were both promoting Estrella Galicia beer from the balcony in Puerta del Sol, He seems to have lost his neck.

“My neck? And my neck?” Pedroche asked the Antena 3 team while looking at the ground in search of him.

They will give Switch to the ad break where the first ad is also from Estrella Galicia. In this business, made by Berlinthe main character of the Netflix series of the same name, played by actor Pedro Alonso, He appeared dressed in a classic waiter’s suit.

Berlin, white-collar thieves, He walks the floor of a house in Puerta del Sol, where there is a competition, with a cart carrying three quarters of beer. “It’s the necklace he wears on his head,” was heard over the walkie of a security guard in reference to the “kidnapping” of Cristina Pedroche.

“I’m not much of a beer man, but this will taste great,” said Berlin, lifting the beautiful neck in his hand. once safely in the elevator.

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