Pedro Suárez-Vértiz: wife and children arrive in Lima to say goodbye to the Peruvian singer-songwriter

Cynthia Martinezthe late wife of music Pedro Suarez-Vertiz, arrived this morning in Lima from Spain, along with his two children. The rest of the family, already in the country, are waiting for his arrival to verify the details of the funeral of the famous Peruvian composer, who left us at the age of 54. come

Suárez-Vértiz’s wife arrived to decide on the funeral and the gifts afterwards. His brother, Patricio Suárez-Vértiz, expressed his hope for Martínez to arrive to interpret the context of the said events. Meanwhile, flowers still arrive at the apartment where Pedro lives in Miraflores, with many followers and fans.

Martínez has arrived with the intention of making decisions related to the music section and the subsequent awards. Patricio Suárez-Vértiz, brother of the late artist, previously expressed the need for his presence to organize these events. Meanwhile, floral tributes continue to arrive at Pedro’s home in Miraflores, with a growing fan base.

The Ministry of Culture has continued to open invitations to use its facilities to speak well Pedro Suarez-Vertiz. However, the final decision rests with his wife. The whole family, including our children, has returned and it is expected that in the next few hours detailed information will be given on how the rewards will be done.

What did Patricio Suárez-Vértiz say?

Patricio Suárez-Vértiz spoke out after his brother Pedro’s death on Thursday, describing his death as “sudden” and a shock to everyone. The former member of Arena Hash said that Pedro “decided to celebrate” in his last days.

“He decided to be happy and didn’t wait for circumstances to make him happy. He decided to be happy and that is a lesson he taught us all (…) I saw him smile, very sweet. “Pedro has always been a warning on that side and today we have to say goodbye to him,” he declared.

Which artists have said goodbye to Pedro Suárez-Vértiz?

The actor Christian Meierfriends and former colleagues in Arena Hashexpressed his eloquence by discussing the emotions of his youth with Pedro when they recorded the song The woman is like that. “I had the pleasure of seeing him and the fortune of sharing many moments with him, many trips and concerts, many songs. You will live forever, Pedro. Thank you for everything ,” he wrote.

The singer Gian Marco remembers his last meeting with Pedro on November 13, referring to the artist in particular: “You are like that, there is no half measure with you, witty, creative, a lover of guitars. You can spend time talking about life, music, the Rolling Stones, their pictures and colors. Your wisdom is pushing us all to the limit and thinking beyond the old thing.”

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