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Although Christian Meier has left Peru and lived elsewhere for some time, his connection to the country of history remains through friends, family and memories. Before gaining fame as the main Latin American heartthrob, the 53-year-old actor introduced. a stage in progress band Arena Hash, where it coincided with the Suárez-Vértiz brothers and Arturo Pomar Jr. in his love for rock.

Although everyone knows how to keep them away from each of their plans, it is the memory of the golden period of Peruvian rock that allowed Meier, Suárez-Vértiz and Pomar to meet in each other’s heart. But it was not until the death of PSV that everything went down and the fans nostalgically remember the best stage of the Arena Hash at the beginning of the new millennium.

In that sense, we will remind you of the first meeting that Christian Meier and Pedro Suárez Vértiz had. Did you know that PSV itself is not the main star?

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz died at 54 years |  VIDEO
The Peruvian rock in mourning, the singer Pedro Suárez-Vértiz died today at the age of 54 as reported by his eldest son to the National Police of Peru, he also said that the musician death is natural and has been confirmed by a private doctor who attended. the artist. (Source: America TV)

Well, recall the mythical event of the first meeting between Meier and Suárez-Vértiz here. Trust us, you have nothing to lose.


According to Meier’s version, the idea of ​​creating a rock group came to some time and he decided to have Arturo Pomar Jr. and Patricio Suárez-Vértiz (Pedro’s brother) to start the project.

However, the cast is incomplete, as the keyboard player is missing. It was there that Pedro Suárez-Vértiz entered the scene. Although he never believed the influence he would have on the interpreter of “El Zorro.”

Upon arriving at the venue, Meier was ready to meet the man who would be his keyboardist, a young Pedro Suárez-Vértiz. However, the director of international production never understood what the picture he would have in front of him would be.

And PSV was wearing jeans, a buttonless shirt and his classic hairstyle. Features of quality that will take PSV to the top of the local scene.

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz with Christian Meier (Photo: Pedro Suárez-Vértiz / Facebook)

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz with Christian Meier (Photo: Pedro Suárez-Vértiz / Facebook)

“The first picture they opened the studio door for me, Arturo and Patricio welcomed me and I started to enter the corridor from the studio to the recording room. “Pedro was there with a gray jean jacket, a shirt no shorts, open chest out and with inca kola,” Meier told the “D-Day” program.

After this first pass, and apparently surprised, Meier was even surprised after hearing Suárez-Vértiz’s first words. “I was waiting for someone to shoot from the corner and I said, is this the singer? Hello, how do you compare? I said: Asu Mare, she is more like a choro than others thing.”he said with a laugh during the conversation.

The group Arena Hash was the biggest in the mid-90s (Photo: Arturo Poma Jr / Instagram)

The group Arena Hash was the biggest in the mid-90s (Photo: Arturo Poma Jr / Instagram)

The rest is history: albums, hits, packed concerts and a wave of fame that he never thought he could do as a rock singer. Needless to say, Meier and Suárez-Vértiz became good friends, going to live together for 3 long years.

CHRISTIAN MEIER was announced after the death of PEDRO SUÁREZ-VÉRTIZ

As expected, Meier used his social networking site to say goodbye to one of his best friends in life. From a tribute to Suárez-Vértiz, the actor born in San Isidro knows how to write good words to say goodbye to the Peruvian rock legend.

“And just three years before we were living together in a small apartment in Miami. We didn’t have any money anymore, we slept on the floor and only ate panettone fried in a pan. Then, we spend more time cleaning the kitchen than we do digesting food.”the actor started by saying.

Meier paid a small gift to PSV through the interview (Photo: Christian Meier / Instagram)

Meier pays a small gift to PSV through the interview (Photo: Christian Meier / Instagram)

Later, Meier mentioned a sentence that Pedro said and that would mark him throughout his life: “Pedro said a sentence that has become a point that I will consider for the rest of my life: ‘better to clean than not to make a mess'”.

Rest in peace, Pedro. All lovers of Peruvian rock and good music will remember you.



Cinthya Martínez learned of the death of her husband Pedro Suárez-Vértiz in Spain. The businessman lives in Segovia and has published photos of his time in the city on his Instagram account, where the singer expressed his sadness. The female singer should arrive in Lima to say goodbye to the composer.


This is how drivers respond
The program ‘Arriba mi Gente’ started and the hosts were shocked after learning about the death of the singer he loved Pedro Suárez-Vértiz at the age of 54, these are their thoughts . (Source: Latina TV)

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