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Journalist Jaime Bayly He remembers the time when his friend, the late singer Pedro Suarez-Vertizdedicated a song to him for the difficult time he was going through when he divorced Sandra Masías, his first wife.

Suárez-Vértiz lost his life on Thursday, December 28, when he was 54 years old, so friends and family remember him for his actions.

In this way, Bayly announced that PSV wrote his song “Fantasma’s heart” for him because of the difficult time he went through when he divorced Sandra Masías, the mother of his eldest daughter in 1997.

Jaime said about the musician I love Sandra very much, So his divorce with Bayly affects him, and after knowing the reporter’s heart, who misses his family life, he cares about the topic for him.

“I miss my daughters Camila and Paola very much, and of course, remembering the family happiness that broke out with Sandra, Pedrito wrote a song. He told me: I will write a song to inspire you.”he said on YouTube.

When listening to the main song, Includes PSV’s third album titled “Actual Degeneration” and that lasted 4:55 minutes, Jaime was surprised.

“I remember when he sent me and I listened to him alone, in my house, he made me cry and made me fall to my knees on the floor.”said. “I think that Pedrito has visited my soul, he has walked through my soul, he has traveled through the darkest part of my life,” more.

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Jaime Bayly mourns the death of Pedro Suarez-Vertiz

Pedro Suárez-Vértiz died at the age of 54 on the morning of Thursday, December 28. The cause of the artist’s death is still unknown.

Given his death, Jaime Bayly expressed his sadness at the death of the singer, whom he considered a brother, so he could not contain his tears when remembering him.

“Since I remember the conversation that Pedrito gave me, I want to remember that there was a time…”he commented crying. “Forgive me for being sad, but it’s like a brother has died for me.”he added.

“I said and I can’t believe it. I am very sad, I am very sad. (…) The good Pedrito left at only 54 years old. I don’t believe it”the writer starts by saying first.

It should be noted that Bayly said in the previous edition of his YouTube channel that Pedro Suárez-Vértiz is one of the best Peruvian artists he managed to interview in his more than 40 years of television life.

Additional information: The mayor of Trujillo spent S / 22,000 to build a statue in honor of Pedro Suárez-Vértiz

Listen to the song “Fantasma’s heart” that PSV dedicated to Jaime Bayly

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