Pedro Suárez Vértiz and emotional farewell to his wife Cynthia Martínez: “I love you my husband, always and forever”

Remember Pedro Suárez Vértiz and Cynthia Martínez 31 years of knowing each other. (Video: Instagram Cynthia Martínez – América TV).

Cynthia Martinez Turner is the woman Pedro Suarez Vertiz: do you want more followers? who knows a September 16, 1991when he was alone He is 15 years old and she is 22 years old. From the meeting in Miraflores they passed 32 years old, the time they lived together, as a great couple, until Thursday, December 28, the day the Peruvian singer died.

Through her Instagram account, Cynthia Martínez said goodbye to her beloved husband, in which she remembers some words from the heart and shows all the love they have for each other.

“You are. You are and will be the best that this world and this life has given me. Peter and Cynthia. What do you say. My wife. What do you say. I love you my husband forever,” read Martínez’s campaign announcement along with some photos taken in 2014, as part of the post-concert “When you think about coming back.”

Cynthia Martínez is dedicated to being kind to her husband, Pedro Suárez Vértiz.
Cynthia Martínez is dedicated to being kind to her husband, Pedro Suárez Vértiz.

Cynthia Martínez is always on the rocker side as a fan, girlfriend, wife and mother of his three children. Without a doubt, they are a symbol of love. However, she couldn’t be with Pedro on his last day because he was visiting and spending the weekend Christmas with his eldest daughter María José Spain.

Martínez arrived in Peru this morning, Friday, December 29, to say goodbye to his lover, along with his daughter. Maria Jose and his second son, Salvador, who also went with him. Their last child is waiting for them here, Tomas Suárez Vértiz Martínez. Pictures of his arrival can be seen from the media of the airport Jorge Chavez.

The wife and children have already arrived at Pedro Suárez Vértiz’s house to say goodbye to him. Latin

But he was inside wake up from Virgin of Fatima church, where she can be seen receiving condolences from friends and family, as well as fans who came to say goodbye to her late husband. Just like that, the family decided to do one now body weight in the same church, allowing the public to enter.

She was there when Martínez spoke for the first time after the death of her husband, Pedro Suárez Vértiz.

“Here we all will miss and love him, as we always have. He is happy because he sees us all, we all love him. Thank you for coming,” were short, but heartfelt words that Martínez said through tears.

Pedro Suárez Vértiz’s wife, Cinthya Martinez, used the floor during the funeral mass for Pedro Suárez Vértiz. N. Canal

He knew the couple had 32 years since they met and it was September 16, 1991 in Mirafloreswhen he is already a good singer Arena Hash boss and he is only a young man who follows his music. “We see each other through the roof,” the singer said a few years ago.

For her part, Cynthia admits that she likes the singer and she looks for a way to meet him, but after a while, he is the one who makes it clear for her to succeed, stopping the relationship good will end. “I love the heart because that’s when I just found out that I’m in love”Confession Peruvian rock icon.

In 1994, when Cynthia Martínez was 18 years old and Pedro Suárez Vértiz was 25 years old, they had their first child, María José Suárez Vértiz Martínez. After a few months, Martínez became pregnant again with her second child, Salvador.

During this second pregnancy, the couple decided to get married and six years later they had a ceremony in a church at the hotel El Pueblo. Then they had their third and final child, Tomás.

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