PC arrests businessman accused of using stolen phones to distribute internet in rural Calçoene

The Calçoene Police Station arrested, on Thursday, the 21st, a 31-year-old businessman, after receiving a complaint that he was using stolen fiber optic cables to distribute the internet in the the city of Calafate, a rural area in the city. .

According to agent Thiago Almeida, the man’s company used around 2,000 meters of stolen cables. The businessman was arrested for the violation of the reception.

“We received a complaint that the cables used by the company were started by theft. The police went to the post office and confirmed that the cables were used by criminals of theft. After that, the team worked to find the businessman who used the electric wire. He stayed and claimed that he bought the wire without knowing the source of the equipment and that he did not have a bill of lading, and therefore was arrested for violation of the law of reception. The investigation continues into who is responsible for the theft of this fiber link, ” the representative said.

The arrested man was sent to a custody hearing.

Watch the interview with representative Thiago Almeida below:

Photos and videos: Civil Police/Disclosure

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