Pavez asked the young players to focus on the conversation less

Colo Colo

Esteban Pavez talked about what it was like to be the manager of Colo Colo in the time of the meeting and what he sent to the youth.

Pavez talks about being a leader in the era of RRSS
© JAVIER SALVO/PHOTOSPORTPavez talks about being a leader in the era of RRSS

Esteban Pavezthe director of Colo Colo, spoke about what it means to wear the Cacique’s genes and send a message to the youth: to focus on the conversation less. The midfielder is the star of a new issue of the Professional Footballers’ Union magazine.

“It is difficult (to be a leader in the time of the meeting) because they interfere. I think they are a bad thing that they have done for football, because the players ‘sell’ themselves more from social than what they do in the field and I don’t agree with that. I’m against the discussion in that,” he said.

“I don’t like to beat people on that side. Today it is very easy to win such fans, because that is selling,” he added.

“I think that the relationship has harmed football. Beyond Colo Colo, which today is the brand that sells the most, everyone talks about Colo Colo and the relationship for many reasons, but today they are not good for young people in particular,” he reflected.

Along these lines, he explained what he said to the young people of Colocolino school. “I always tell them the same thing, that beyond winning, losing or drawing, the most important thing is day to day, kill yourself for your friend. I think it’s more important than the victory of humanity through dialogue,” he said.

“I told them that in their private lives they can do what they want, but the important thing is that they train and put their heart on the field,” he said. said.

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