Parking tickets for adults can be issued online: See how!

From now on, the drivers over 60 years old They don’t need to go to the public transport center to collect their parking permit in a place that is popular with the elderly.

It turns out that in 2023 a device was created to make life easier for this part of the population, making it possible to provide information on the internet.

This good news can be found in the Digital Traffic Card application; See below how it works!

Digital Traffic Card: How does the Senior Citizen Card work?

O senior card for parking currently available in 102 transit agencies in 17 states that have signed up for the service. The complete list can be found on the National Traffic Secretariat Services Portal.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the service is already available on the Senatran Portal, but has been extended application form of the Digital Traffic Card.

The advantage of the digital card is the ease of approval, as all the personal data and information is processed through the application with interested party please.

After the certificate is issued by the public body, just write it and attach it to the car dashboardno need to go to the school in person to create and write the card.

– Download the Digital Traffic Card application on your mobile from the Store:

What is a Senior Citizen Card?

O senior card (or cards) is a certificate for special parking, intended for both drivers over 60 years old and people with physical disabilities.

These parking spaces are always indicated by painting on the ground or signs, in the streets and public parking lots of hospitals, shopping malls and other commercial areas. To use the special office, a certificate issued by the public body is required.

In this case, when parking in a special place, the beneficiary must provide the certificate on the car’s dashboard or in the inspection area.

Failure to provide a certificate constitutes a crime, contained in Article 181 of the Brazilian Criminal Code, and may result in moderate fines.

What is Exclusive Vacancy?

Accordingly certification for specific jobs they consider the decision of the National Traffic Council (Contran), which allocates 5% of the public spaces for the elderly (from 60 years) and 2% for the transport of the disabled and disabled.

Can non-driving adults access the Digital Card?

Now, allow it old people don’t drive It is only given if the person is willing to go to the district office. In other words, this possibility is not yet available in the Digital Traffic Card application.

The National Traffic Secretariat is working so that seniors who are not qualified to drive, but who often travel in a third car, can also apply for a parking permit digitally.

With information, Agência Brasil.

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