Parental Controls: How can we control our children on the internet?

Using the Internet has become an important part of everyday life, even for children. However, the question arises as to what we can do ensure our children are safe while browsing the web.

Alberto Nishiyama, a technology expert RPP, highlights the importance of setting limits and monitoring the content children access on the internet. To do this, it is recommended to use such tools Google Family Linkwhich allows you to set usage time, block unwanted apps, and monitor children’s online activity.

In addition, it shows the importance of exploring the options of Digital Wellbeing, available on Android devices. “Many devices offer these Parental controls that allow parents to filter content and set usage times,” explains Nishiyama. This option can be a good tool to protect children while using the app.

On the other hand, about the application Kids Spacea platform designed specifically for children that delivers educational and fun content safely, with age-appropriate recommendations and parental controls.

How to use Google Digital Wellbeing: A step by step guide

Google Digital Wellbeing is a tool designed to help you better understand and manage the time you spend in apps on your mobile phone.

Step 1: Go to your device settings

  • Open your Android device settings.

Step 2: Find the “Digital Health and Parental Controls” section

  • In the Digital Wellbeing section, you will see details of your digital activities, including the time you have spent in each app and how many times you have activated your device.
  • Check out these statistics to get a clear idea of ​​your usage habits.

Step 3: Set a time limit

  • If you want to reduce the time you spend on certain apps, you can set a daily schedule.
  • In Digital Wellbeing, you will find the ‘Dashboard’ section. In this section, you can select the desired app and set the maximum time you want to spend on the app per day.

Step 4: Use “Bedtime” mode.

  • mode “Bedtime” helps you set a time to turn off notifications and turn the screen to grayscale, which can make it easier to fall asleep.
  • Open this activity and choose the time you want it to be active.

Step 5: Interference-free mode

  • You can select the apps that you think are disturbing and disable them, along with their notifications, for the time you set.
  • Select the “Distraction-Free Mode” option and choose the applications that you think are distracting to stop using them for some time.
Digital Wellbeing selection interface

Digital Wellbeing selection interface

How to use Google Family Link: Step by step

Google Family Link is a useful tool for parents to monitor and manage their children’s online activity. Below are the steps to set up and use Family Link:

Step 1: Download the Family Link app

  • Go to the app store on your mobile phone (Google Play Store for Android devices, App Store for iOS).
  • Search for “Google Family Link” and download the app to your device.

Step 2: Set up an account for your child

  • Open the Family Link app on your device.
  • Select “Create an account for your child” and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your child’s Google account.
  • You may need to have your child’s device on hand to complete this step, as Google will need some information to create the account, such as date of birth.

Step 3: Set up Family Link on your child’s device

  • Once you’ve created your child’s account, Family Link will guide you through setting up their device.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to allow Family Link to control your child’s device.
  • Depending on the operating system of your child’s device, you may need to download and install the Family Link parent app on your own device to manage your child’s account.

Step 4: Establish limits and controls

  • Once Family Link is installed on your child’s device, you can set time limits, block unnecessary apps, and monitor online activity.
  • Open the Family Link app on your device and select your child’s account to access the site.
  • Explore the different features available, such as screen time, app download recommendations, and view activity history.

Step 5: Monitor your child’s work

  • Use the Family Link app for parents to monitor your child’s online activity.
  • You can see which apps you use, how much time you spend on each, and get notifications of your online activities.
  • Whenever you want, you can adjust the controls and restrictions as your child’s needs change.
Family Link app interface

Family Link app interface

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