Osiptel | The country that has the fastest internet in South America, Peru in what position? | Peru

The Department of Commerce for the Communications Industry (Osiptel) reported that the steady growth in internet speed was recorded in Peru In the last four years, it has been in the third place in South America, according to the measurements requested by Ookla, an international company specialized in testing, measuring data and the internet.

In March 2024, our country registered an average download speed of 137.6 megabits per second (Mbps), which placed it well above the average for the region, beyond Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Argentina, Venezuela and Bolivia. It is only surpassed by Chile (168.1 Mbps) and Brazil (158.6 Mbps).

Worldwide, it has risen nine positions and is 34th out of 182 countries.

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In the analysis conducted by the Director of Regulatory Affairs and Competition (DPRC) among those Osiptel Ookla data reported that the results obtained in March this year from our country represent an improvement of 22.2% compared to the previous month (112.6 Mbps) and 73.5%, compared to March 2023 (79.3 Mbps).

Meanwhile, the average upload speed is 86.8 Mbps, registering an improvement of 21.2% compared to the previous month (71.6 Mbps).

Although Ookla has made an indicator change, going from medium speed to medium speed, in January 2022, in two periods the growth of the indicator in Peru came willing to see.

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