OpenAI will allow anyone to create their own ChatGPT; understand

About a year ago, OpenAI launched an AI chatbot that disrupted the world of technology. This Monday (6), the company took advantage of the DevDay event to present many new features, one of the platforms that allows you to create personal versions of ChatGPT.

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What you need to know

  • In the coming weeks, the company will release the new GPTs from the GPT Store online store.
  • OpenAI promises to reward GPT developers with an undisclosed amount based on the popularity of their AI agents.
  • GPTs will be available for payment to ChatGPT Plus customers and business customers – who can create their own GPTs for internal use.
  • Additional details about the store have not been disclosed.
A mobile phone with ChatGPT open in the browser and, in the background, the OpenAI logo
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OpenAI’s new platform will guide how designers want their GPT to interact with people. Anyone can access the internet, using DALL-E and OpenAI’s Code Interpreter, which allows you to build and run software.

There is also a “Knowledge” section for sending custom documents and an “Action” function, which allows you to connect external services to access email, databases and more (starting with Canva and Zapier).

“Since the inception of ChatGPT, people have been asking for a way to customize ChatGPT to suit their specific use cases,” OpenAI said in a statement sent to The Verge.

It is not yet clear what data the GPT creator will have access to. OpenAI says it will monitor operations to block fraud, hate speech and “adult content” and will only accept GPTs from people who have verified themselves.

At OpenAI’s first developer conference, the company also announced a “turbocharged” and cheaper version of GPT-4, as well as a new weekly user base of the chatbot.

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