Only 45.2% of schools in Paraná have an internet connection

In all of Paraná, only 45.2% of schools have an internet connection, that is, 3,339 places, according to the Federal Government. To expand access, the Ministry of Education and Communications launched the country’s Connected Schools strategy and committed to universal access by 2026.

According to research by the Ministry, the Northeast is the region with the largest number of schools that will have internet after implementing the strategy, a total of 49,953 schools. Next is the East (40,365); North (20,366); south (19,826); and the Midwest (7,845).

In Paraná, of the schools that have connections, 2,170 do not. wifi and two have no type of entry. According to data from the School Census by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep), 5,614 schools in the State have broadband and 1,883, although connected, do not have technology .

In Curitiba, broadband is available to 372 schools. Another 138 have network connections, but not broadband.

In rural areas, 1,058 schools are connected, while in urban areas there are 6,520. Of all the municipal, state and federal schools in Paraná, only 36 do not have computer labs, according to research.

In a report, the Federal Communications Commission (Secom) said that “the challenge is to guarantee good internet access in 623 schools, 8% of 7,381 public schools in the state”.

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The program will have a capital of R$ 8.7 billion throughout Brazil. Of these, R$ 6.4 billion was found in the New Development Program (New PAC), under the “Digital Inclusion and Connectivity” axis, in addition to the contribution from the National Fund for Research and Design Technology.


The Department of Education of the State of Paraná (Seed) has been aggressive in the use of teaching methods, even with connection problems in some schools.

The so-called “platformization” is criticized by teachers and students mainly because of the goals and tasks to be done.

In August this year, a survey by the Institute of Opinion (IPO) at the request of APP-Sindicato, showed that 91.3% of teachers in the state public network thought that there are too many because of the use of State Government platforms.

In the same month, the APP-Sindicato also staged a strike called “Plataforma Zero”, when teachers stopped using the State’s mandatory applications.

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