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As shown in the new research conducted by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) According to the current situation of postal and electronic commerce, the Family Panel of postal and electronic commerce, parcel products have a business of 6,587 million in 2022, 1.9% of increase compared to 2021, thanks to the electricity market. More than half of Mexicans shop online and online business is still growing the importance of products in the mail. In fact, Most of these purchases include receiving a package (94.8%).

Precisely, one of the companies in the parcel sector, CTT Express, just published the IV edition of Ecommerce Studywhich presents the growing consumer interest in receiving deliveries from local businesses. More than half a thousand people between 30 and 70 years participated in this study, and it shows that in the last three years it has quadrupled. Customer satisfaction with this service increased by 16%.

60% of those surveyed make at least one purchase per month with a price of more than 40 euros and, among the most desired, textiles (70%), technology (40% ) and cosmetics (18%) stand out. .). Convenience has become a key factor in purchasing decisions, the ease of access to shopping on the web and that the goods arrived quicklya, there is additional debt. In fact, more than 90% of buyers turn to the online option immediately.

All this information is useful for self-employed people who have local businesses and businesses and what they want become a collection point, above all, as close to Christmas as we’ve ever been. Now, in Spain there are more 6,000 businesses or small businesses that have been established to collect parcels or deliver items resulting from transactions made on the Internet. And there are many companies that local businesses or businesses that are interested can sign a contract and become a collection point.

It can mean up to 900 euros of income per month for the business.

This option, in addition to the benefits for buyers and logistics companies, can represent economic benefits for businesses that become collection points and, therefore , generate additional monthly income that, in some cases, can reach 900 euros.

All this will depend on the number of packages sent and their size. According to information provided to this newspaper by the former company Mondial Relay, now operating under the name Inpost, “the payment per package can be varied. between 0.30 and 1.5 euros. “The difference in price is determined by the weight of the package.” So, the weight and the size, the more profit. There are stores that are located in the main points, where the customers can be high, and they can manage more than 100 packages a day to deliver.

How you can transfer the company to the domain

In Spain there are different products. However, the conditions that the company must have or the business to be able to make a collection or the most simple content is for each of them:

  • Have a business license.
  • Offer direct sales to the public.
  • There is a small warehouse where you can store packages.
  • Contact the company that you like or that has been visited by the salesperson and learn about the contract.
  • The business may have a PDA (portable terminal to control delivery), a computer or none of these electronic devices. The parcel company is usually put into the PDA if the software is similar.
  • If the business does not have a PDA, they are provided with tools to manage the parcel: labels, printers, etc.

This is what they explain by CTT Express: “A business that wants to become a warehouse should contact the business area, and our department will go to the business area to know the area and see the potential to reach reach the price and approval, because it should have. good value for the supplier and the business.”

“It’s very valuable The location. These simple points help a lot, in crowded areas, to bring together deliveries and make them efficient and effective, in one stop. It is about not having to travel many miles in the city with the pollution and movement that this creates, even if we have electric vans. In addition, the recipient does not have to wait for the package to arrive, but can keep it near their home whenever they need it,” they added.

That is, buyers who make transactions on the Internet can pick up their parcels during the working hours of the factory, and parcel companies reduce the problems and costs associated with Send a package and the recipient will not be at home. up.

And, in addition, they also point out from CTT Express, “this helps a lot neighborhood stores are known when people go to them to pick up packages. “

This will be another advantage for construction, getting more visits and traffic to his own business, since the person who can pick up a package is also a customer have the ability of yours and, when they keep their balls, they can do it. something. will.

It may be the case that, due to the location of the business, too much for him to collect the ball and that this has implications for not being able to serve regular customers. There are examples of manufacturers who choose to stop deliveries and others, for example, who decide to choose an attendee for deliveries, at least at certain times of the day.

In this context, from the Spanish Confederation of Commerce They are sure that this service “is another important activity and can improve purchasing in the local economy; “It is an incentive for small and medium-sized businesses, because it can make them more visible and generate more traffic and customers in the future.”

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