One in three Grenadians resists online shopping and never does it

Luis F. Ruiz

The province is one of the Andalusian provinces where the least amount of goods are bought online regularly.

The acquisition of goods is common for two thirds of the population of Granada. Photo: Kindel Media (Pexels)

More than 247,000 Grenadians He admits that he “never” buys online and thus prevents online shopping, an option that, however, is the choice of two thirds of the population.

This is mentioned in the document of the Institute of Statistics and Cartographywhich shows the behavior of the residents of Granada regarding the frequency with which they buy online.

So, when asked if they go to the store regularly, sometimes or not, the majority said that they do so only sometimes, especially 44.6% of the population, which represents about 330,000 Granada.

Granada It is, in fact, the Andalusian province where most people buy “sometimes” online, on par with Almería, which has the same percentage ​​and two points above the average community, where the figure reaches 42. 4%.

31.9% of Grenadians Admit that he “never” buys online, which represents a third of the population; while only 23.5% of people in the state, more than 174,000, admit that they shop regularly.

Community markets are one of the most popular options for grocery shopping. Photo: Álex Cámara

Other information on business

The survey also contains other interesting information about the purchases made by the public at Granadatherefore the frequency of shopping at the origin is an option for 59.3% of the neighbors, 34.7% do it sometimes and only 6% never do it.

Regarding the type of business to always buy food at home, IECA also asked where it is most successful, being able to choose between two options.

In this way, 73.2% of those Grenadians said they do it in supermarkets, while 40.8% choose for small shops.

One in five options for supermarkets or supermarkets to make these purchases, which represents 24.7%; while only 5.8% shop in grocery stores.

In the case of Granadais among the Andalusians who follow the middle of the community, where supermarkets are the most choice for 73.9% of the population.

The citizens of Granada are Andalusians who have a high percentage of people who choose supermarkets, with two points more than the average Andalusian; and those who buy the least in restaurants, where the figure is 12 in Andalusia.


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