Offer now! 6 reasons not to buy a foldable cell phone

Foldable cell phones have become popular in the smartphone industry. With their latest technology and futuristic design, these devices provide a unique experience to the users. However, before diving into this world of exciting technology, it is important to know the secrets behind these devices. In this article, we will explore the disadvantages of foldable phones and provide important information that you should consider before purchasing.

1. Things break more easily

One of the disadvantages of foldable mobile phones is the fragility of their screens. Unlike modern phones, which have thicker and more durable screens, foldable cell phones have thinner and more malleable screens. This feature allows the device to be folded, but also causes the screen to be damaged.

To make screens possible, manufacturers use plastic or glass ultrafine, which makes the screens very sensitive. Many users have complained that, over time, characters appear on the screen to the right of the axis where the cell phone is bent. For this reason, it is recommended to keep the protective film from the manufacturer and do not remove this protection.

In addition, most foldable mobile phones are not resistant to water and dust, which prevents them from being used in harsh environments, such as beaches or places with more dust. Therefore, if you are a person who likes to bring your cell phone for outdoor activities, it is important to consider this restriction.

2. The camera is usually not the best

Another disadvantage of foldable mobile phones is the quality of the cameras. Due to their design and limited internal space, most foldable cell phones do not have advanced cameras like high-end models.

To illustrate, let’s compare the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, a foldable cell phone, with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, a cell phone. The Razr 40 Ultra has a 12MP main camera and a 13MP secondary camera, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 200MP main camera. The difference in quality in these cameras will be something to consider, especially if you are a photography enthusiast.

3. A battery that has less mAh than mobile phones

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Due to their foldable design, foldable mobile phones have less space inside to fit things like the battery. This results in a smaller battery when compared to traditional smartphone models.

For example, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, a traditional cell phone, has a 5,000 mAh battery, while the Motorola Razr 40 Ultra, a foldable cell phone, has a 3,800 mAh battery. This difference in battery capacity can affect the device’s performance, resulting in short usage.

4. Still under development

Foldable cell phone is a reinterpretation of the old foldable model from the 2000s, but with new products and functions. As they are new products, many are still in the process of being completed. Developers constantly make improvements to products based on user feedback.

It is important to remember that When you buy a foldable cell phone, you will participate in this development process. The problems reported by the users, such as marks on the screen, faulty hinges and difficult repairs, are important information for the replacement of these devices. However, if you are not willing to deal with problems and modifications, you would be better off waiting for the next generation of better phones.

5. Editing is more difficult

Another issue to consider when buying a foldable cell phone is the difficulty of repair. As these devices have unique designs and are still new on the market, many service providers may not have the necessary expertise to repair them. This can make repairs more difficult and expensive.

Some brands, such as Samsung, already have insurance programs and special assistance for foldable mobile phones. However, if you don’t get authorized service, repairing your device will take longer and be more difficult.

6. It is more expensive

Finally, it is important to mention that foldable mobile phones tend to be more expensive than the original models. This is due to the higher cost of research, development and production of these devices.

According to the Japanese news agency Nikkei, for example, the Galaxy Z Fold 4, costs around US $ 670 from Samsung, but is sold for three times that price. Therefore, even if you are a technology enthusiast, it is important to consider whether the benefits of a foldable cell phone are right for you.

Technology is always evolving

Although foldable mobile phones can be attractive for their innovative technology and futuristic design, it is important to consider all the disadvantages before purchasing. A lot of fragile screens, resistance to water and dust, bad cameras, batteries with small capacity, products are still being developed, maintenance is more difficult and expensive and the Higher prices are important to consider.

However, it is important to realize that technology is always evolving, and over time these disadvantages can be overcome. If you are interested in solving the problems that can be made and want to know about the innovation of foldable mobile phones, do a deep research, consider your needs and expectations, and make informed decisions.

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