NVIDIA and Microsoft are now working hand in hand. The integration of Game Pass and GeForce Now promises good things to its customers

In a move to avoid being seen as a marketer of the game streaming space, Microsoft has signed up with NVIDIA order GeForce Now customers can enter the directory Game Pass. And it was that Microsoft It already has its own Cloud Gaming service, but this is not included in its full list. Now, with this contract, there will be more ways to play the name of its subscription service. Yes, we have a few stars on the table.

As confirmed by I want to be green himself, throughout this week GeForce Now will allow the use of Game Pass PC games in the service. Starting August 24, some names in the directory will be available if you have a subscription on both platforms. Remember, this is where it comes from. first though.

Xbox Game Pass and NVIDIA GeForce Now are integrated

And, as we know, the entire library of Game Pass games will not be available at the launch of GeForce Now. On the other hand, we have no information on what happens with the next release, among which is the famous Starfield. Can it be played with streaming on release, making it accessible to many people with weak devices or we will have to wait?

Finally, it should be noted that it is not specified that you have to be part of the payment plan or not to use the integration with Game Pass. Considering that the need for a special plan has not been fulfilled, it will not be necessary, although the subscription to NVIDIA services will always be available. It will help make the experience better.

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