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Levante UD continues to work to provide a better experience to its customers, and to advance in the digital transformation process.

One of the current promotions can be enjoyed from today and that is the visiting fans tickets can be purchased online from the Levante UD TICKETING platform (https://ticketing.levanteud. com/es). This is a new service that was created with the aim to facilitate the purchase of these seats for our customers and provide care and comfort in the process.

This does not mean that the club should not sell tickets for home games, so all customers who want to can buy them according to the schedule at the club office.

For this match, CD Leganés has made Levante UD a total of 236 tickets for the visit at a price of 15 euros, only for members of the club, which can be purchased until Wednesday afternoon at most or until the end.

Remember that everyone who bought tickets will receive them on Thursday afternoon by email, and not at the time of completing the purchase process.

If the purchase is in person, buyers must indicate the email address they will receive the ticket from, also on Thursday afternoon, and if the user does not have an email address, they can return to the club’s offices on Friday morning. keep it private.

In the future, new advances will be realized in this digital transformation process to favor our customers.

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