NOTE FREE internet for low income people in Brazil; Check the rules and how to apply

At the end of the year, the hope is that they will be distributed 100 thousand free internet chips. Distribution is done by the Ministry of Communications; Residents of many states will benefit. Find out how to get you.

NOTE FREE internet for low income people in Brazil; check the rules and how to apply (Image: FDR)

Ministry of Communications (MCOM) will distribute 100 thousand free internet chips in many states throughout this year through the program Internet Brazil. The goal is to have free access to the internet and contribute to the education of Brazilians.

Free internet for students

  • The distribution will be done in cooperation between the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Education.
  • The action is part of the MEC’s ​​measures to reduce the number of students in public schools who are left behind.
  • According to the Ministry of Communications, 100,000 chips will be distributed that will help students access the internet.
  • At the beginning, schools were served in the cities of Caicó (RN), Campina Grande (PB), Caruaru (PE), Juazeiro (BA), Mossoró (RN) and Petrolina (PE).
  • In addition to six cities in the state of Minas Gerais: Araguari, Conceição das Alagoas, Nova Serrana, Prata, Uberaba and Uberlândia.
  • Now The action was extended to students in the state education network in Amapá, Bahia, Maranhão, Pará and Rio Grande do Norte.
  • There is still no information about when the distribution of the chips should begin.

Must get a free internet chip

Enter the result of Internet Brazil is required:

  • Register in a Register (CadÚnico).
  • Already have access to a mobile phone
  • Be an elementary student in a public school (from 3 years old)
  • No chips from other government services
  • Meet your school’s classification standards

In addition to the internet, MEC also provides one savings for high school studentsO. Payment starts soon, our writer Laura Alvarenga presents you with Pé-de-meia payment schedule, investigation.

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