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Our use of cell phones is increasing And not only to connect with your close circle and make phone calls, the mobile phone is also used as a work tool. 86% of students use their cell phones for at least an hour in their classroomsof 45% do so to discuss dating. 94% of 15 year olds already have their own smartphoneaccording to research from the agency published based on research from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and UNESCO.

It is right by UNESCO when, last year, it was concluded that the mobile phones should be limited in schools to reduce disruption in the classroom and improve learning at the European level. France and Finland already use this measure and the United Kingdom He has been working to establish this ban in all his schools.

Spain also uses this measure

In Spain, Castilla-La Mancha is the first community who vetoed the use of cell phones in classfollowed by Galicia and Madrid, but there is no special authority from the Ministry of Education. In it La Ribera Institute, in Montcada and Reixac, in Barcelona, They said that the percentage I told you about should decrease.

It was the parents, in fact the students, who made the comments. It’s March camping, it would be great if the kids don’t bring their cell phones. Although at first it seemed like the world for them to do without their smartphones for three days, the experience was rewarding. After the debate in the faculty, with the AMPAschool council and evaluationit is finally in September when this site takes the measure and publishes a mobile free center.

This is the beginning that has been achieved in an organization in Barcelona: There is more interaction

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