Nicolas Cage doesn’t like being an internet meme at all but he hopes it will help spread the word about his photography

The actor admits to being frustrated because people don’t understand where the face and direction that turned him into a meme came from.

Although he is the recent winner of the Oscar for his role in Out in Las Vegas and is one of the most important people in the film industry in recent years, his peculiar lifestyle and fragile face have made him. Nicolas Cage became an internet phenomenon through the “memeification” of his person.

An internet trend that Cage himself doesn’t like at all and that seems to make him sad. “I think I may be the first artist to have suffered memeification on the internet. “Someone decided to turn me into a meme by choosing a moment from all of my videos where the characters are in crisis.”

“But what didn’t concern them at all was how the character got into that situation. It bothers me because I never know if people understand the message of my videos.“, confirmed the actor in an interview The Observer. “I don’t know how that happened. I went into filmmaking because it’s the art form that makes me the happiest.”

“But this is completely new. Por at least I hope that the memes make people who see them wonder what kind of videos they come and watch them. But the truth is that I have no control over them,” admitted a somewhat nervous Cage, who is about to release his new film in theaters, Dream Scenario.

Nicolas Cage Wicker Man

The king of self parody

But Nicolas Cage is not only the internet’s favorite actor to create memes, but he is also He is one of the actors who often likes himself parodying seen in the movies The unbearable weight of an enormous talent together with Pedro Pascal, and as will be seen now with the Dream Scenario.

Well, the film comedy and horror, Nicolas Cage plays An anonymous man in a famous family after appearing in the dreams of millions of strangers. When these dreams start to become nightmares, the teacher must act.

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