Nicanor Boluarte: Prosecutor’s Office requests information from the MEF about the city of Nanchoc | Peru

The Department of Justice Special Investigations in Crime requested information from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) after complaints from the Fourth District that said the president’s brother In Boluarte, Nicanor Boluartemet at his home in the San Borja district with workers, state officials and even the mayor.

Through a letter sent to Jessica Roxana Camacho Medina, director of the General Directorate of Public Budget of the MEF, lawyer Yudith Villegas Espinoza requested the documents sent to him that would allow him to investigate the pleased that the Municipality of Nanchoc, in Cajamarca received close to S / 20 million from the state budget.

I request that you provide the documents to the Attorney General’s Office, as a matter of urgency, according to the law that ensures financial transfer to the City of Nanchocas well as information on supporting the approval of the budget”, it was shown in the paper.

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Visit Nicanor Boluarte

Of all the visits that Nicanor Boluarte received, the most problematic was from the mayor of Nanchoc district (Cajamarca), Nixon Hoyos Gallardo, who attended the celebration of the president’s birthday, was held on October 18.

Nine days after that incident, the area of ​​Nanchoc, which has about 1,400 residents, received about S / 20 million from the state budget. He made it through 5 sources.

This picture is interesting because in the same article published by El Peruano, last October 27, it can be seen that many large cities with many inhabitants receive less than Nanchoc.

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