New York denounces 5 social networks for harming young minds

New York (EFE) children across the country”.

The complaint – which has been confirmed before the Supreme Court of California, the state where most of the technology companies are located – was presented today by Mayor Eric Adams and raised jointly by the Prime Minister’s Office, the Department of Education and the Department of Health.

Spending on youth mental health services

New York – says the mayor – spends 100 million dollars a year on mental health services for young people: “Our city is innovative and technological, but many websites affect children’s health, they encourage addiction and encourage bad behavior,” he explained.

“Today we are acting on behalf of millions of New Yorkers to hold these companies accountable for their role in this crisis (…) take bigger steps that will affect the lives of our youth, our city and our society in the years to come,” said the mayor.

On January 24, New York City launched a discussion on “psychological threats” and equated their dangers with drugs and weapons.

Social media application icons on mobile
Social media app icons on mobile phones, in picture files. EFE/EPA/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevic

“We can’t stand by and let big tech companies take advantage of our children,” the mayor added, citing a report from the Department of Education. It is sad that 77% of high school students spend three hours or more. in front of a screen in their leisure time.

Thinking algorithms

The complaint documents describe some of the social media’s suggestions, such as “the use of the system to keep users connected and encourage the use of force”, the creation of a good system as a game in the creation of applications and abuses of “relationships” or actions. the user feels the need to interact with the application.

New York was the first major city to file a complaint against five major tech companies — some of them the queens of Wall Street — but New York was preceded by 41 states that sued Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram) for the same reason. The end of October.

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